I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

The luggages arrived me from me.

okok. It was I shipped before headed out from Japan. 3 month ago. Can you believe it? It took for 3 month. Soooo long trip. May I follow your instagram? FOR THREE MONTH!!!! Where the hell have you been!!!! okok. I know you have been getting on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. I’m calm. Glad you to come here. I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again.

I cooked london broil for dinner. I saw it that said “LONDON BROIL” on beef at first. What the london broil? Does cow have an organ like that? Or Were you living in London? But not. The label “LONDON BROIL” means “It’s better to cook me london broil.” okok. london broil is the way to cook beef. It is a kind of broiling marinated fat less part of beef.

Apr. 28, 2022