I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

When I woke up, I saw the right edge of ceiling was glowing fluorescent green. Mai also wondered it. We looked out through the window, There is a green truck parked on the street. Sunlight bounced on the top of that truck and came into this room.

When I headed outside, leaves also turned so bright green. On the street, there were so many unfamiliar trucks parked other than that green car. On the bodies, they said their phone number and some phrase something good vibe. Pro bla bla, fast bla bla, safety bla bla. I’m not sure but are April and May the months to move? Hmm.

I went to a new vegetable store. However, it’s located across the street from Mango Rico that I often go. They have a BGM, a black woman raps something with remixed BTS. It was something nice. It was not the one of Megan, More brutal and lo-fi than its. But their stock was not good this day. So I turned to Mango Rico again. But I will visit here again to listen their music.

When I back home, I cooked congee, and put a fried tortilla and brussels sprouts on it. It was so good. It tastes Jackson Heights so I think.

Apr. 30, 2022