I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

We had an Arepa Lady’s arepa.

*This page is my note I need when I order arepa next time.

For now, I am not good at speak English also Spanish. So I have to improve my knowledge about arepa to get a good arepa. You have two matter for arepa. You have to choose the dough. Besides, you have to choose some content. It is so difficult.


For now, “Arepa de Choclo” is the best. Choclo means corn, maybe. When you google choclo, you get images of corn. Arepa de chocro has a good sweetness, I like it. The dough of arepa was made by corn flour known as masarepa. So I’m not sure why they says “corn bread de corn.” Anyway, Choclo is good. I want to make it by myself.


For now, I should write down only the options what Arepa Lady has, especially, the ones they says in Spanish. “Carne Desmechada” is shredded beef. It was stewed very well. So soft and has distinctive smell. “Chicharron” is fried pork berry. It’s meat. You can see snack chicharron at the super market. Name is same. But that has only pork skin. But this chicharron also has meat. I don’t know the detail about it. It means the skin is the main body of the pig?

Venezuelan or Columbian

For now, I have only few idea what the real arepa is in these countries. I read the article seems unreliable, that said Columbian arepa means simple, Venezuelan arepa means contain a lot.


Patacon is not arepa. But I came to love it so I write it here in additional. Patacon is sandwich thats dough made by fried plantain banana. Name is also cute. I want to say it again and again. Patacon, Patacon, Patacon, Patacon.

May. 01, 2022