I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I’m living in construction site now.

Yesterday, I had a nice calm time with elders who are choosing a book to their grand-children in the picture book zone. Super calm. But now, I’m living in construction site. It has begun. The engineers has been coming and going my room. First off, They built a tent. Put tension rods between floor to ceiling, and covered it vinyl. After that, they started break the wall. It sounds so hard. They said it will be ended by weekend. It has just began.

I started read a crazy ABC book by Steig. I got it yesterday. The page of “A” is Like this.

An Appetizer for Alexander

Abhorent axolotl, scat!
Unless you’d like to feed my cat.
Come at once, dear Alexander,
Have a bit of salamander.
See its tasty little gills?
Don’t they look like lamb-chop frills?
Amphibian, avoid thy fate.
Slither off! Absquatulate!

Stop quoting. Are you a Harry Potter? What is Abhorent? Wha, What is Absquatulate? It sounds something magical spelling. Abhorent Patronum? Absquatulate-Absquatulate? What is Slither? Doesn’t it means student of Slytherin?

I’m sure I will learn a lot of vocabulary in this book. okok.

May. 03, 2022