I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I went to something somewhere creepy place at night.

On the floor, so many people laid down. someone had a mic, and low voice, said something like this… breathing…. deeply… coming… something… something related spring you know something… While they spelling something, we all were laying down and shutting eyes.

okok. Mic-performance-person said one more thing. They would do something with some plants. okok. I felt little scary. But Mai, Kenji and many others seemed to be approval already, I can’t stop it. I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly! Something passed away through on my neck. I felt it like a mouse running or a duck kicking me. Yet they says it was flowers or leave.

It was a meditation program called rebirth, Mai told me. After that, many people put flowers, garlics, eggs and so on in the big pool. That’s it, “Chaos Blossoms” by Nocturnal Medicine at Nowadays.

May. 04, 2022