I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

Yeseul Song at Hirshhorn.

I woke up early and rent a bike. To D.C. from Rosslyn. Yesterday, I made $50 deposit to lyft account. But they didn’t accept pay for car with my money but they made a charge. So I tried to rent a bicycle, and it could be done. okok. I have to ride bikes so many times to get back my money.

This day, I visited Hirshhorn Museum and National Building Museum. I’ve been through a lot, but I’ll write later about most of them. I would now like to focus on Yeseul’s new work and workshop at the Hirshhorn.

Yeseul’s new work has a title, Two Subtle Bodies. This work put me at ease so that I could enjoy my delicate senses. Priorly, I had seen the drawing for this work in her portfolio. And it seemed to be modified during making this work physically. It was a kind of wearable sound interface. However, this wearable is very well, as if some one carefully cuddles me. You can watch the videos on her instagram, check it out now!

Yeseul’s workshop was super awesome too. I think it was about 90 minutes. She gave us the idea what coding is and how we do. Children and adults, together. I saw she has insights and warm heart to educate.

Take a Uber to a place that called Silver Spring in Maryland to get the bus to go back NYC. Before get the bus, we stop by McDonald’s. Around 11 pm, we arrived in Manhattan. We got the 7 train to Jackson Heights. Then, I was getting strange feeling. Even though I’m not sure of a lot of thing about this city, just came to feel relieved, no reason. Even though I has been living here only 4 months. Even though I only went away for few days. It was special to me that moments to I step in the pavement on Jackson Heights’s ground again.

Jun. 05, 2022