I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I cooked Ocopa, the beautiful Peruvian sauce.

You can pour it on boiled potatoes and eggs. Ocopa is so beau-tiful light green and delicious mint sauce. Yes, It made from black mint. The Peruvians call it huacatay.

Put fried chopped garlic and onion, peanut butter, aji amarillo, bread, evaporated milk, queso fresco and a lot of black mint in blender and blend it smooth. That’s it. So simple.

Come to think of it, I seldom measure ingredients to cook Peruvian dishes. Of course, I’m not good at understand pound, gallon, tbsp, like these units. These are not friendly to me. But, Peruvian cuisine are so friendly to me. I just cook it sloppily, but it must be tastes good. I never mind all of numbers they says. I cook it with only my feeling.

Jun. 11, 2022