I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I visited Queens New Roots.

Since I visited La Plaza Cultural, I have been researching a lot about community gardens. I checked there were any gardens near my home. I found the one. It says Queens New Roots. At the evening, I visited there. The garden is located near by 69 street station. It is within walking distance to me.

I found the garden which takes place on overpass above the so busy road, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It looks just getting started, different from the older gardens in Lower East Side. I feel quite novice vibes. A lady found me and told that “Sunny was in the green house.” Sunny showed me their garden. Even though it was already the time to lock up. They had plants markers that written in not only in English but in Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi and so on. I ask her could I work as volunteer. She pointed at the handwritten gmail address on the sign. She told me send email here to get reply about the schedule. I must send it!

On the way home, I picked up dry-raw-panipuri at the Apna Bazar. while I was eating Panipuri, I got a respond from Onda-san. He told me he will hold the latest live performance this weekend. I must go there!

Jun. 16, 2022