I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I was so happy to have a potluck with neighbors in QNR.

Today, I found out who had planted shiso in Queens New Roots. It was Sebastian. He showed me the huacatay plants. I had bitten their leave, it had the taste of ocopa which I knew. He said, he told me about that plant because he read that I love ocopa in my diary. What a warm hearted man! I really happy to have Sebastian. He is really knowing man, also told me huacatay is one of the family of marigold. So I also tried to bite a leave of marigold, it tasted like a gentle ocopa.

Everything was beautiful and delicious. Kim brought mini naan breads with curry, Sebastian brought zucchini cake, Isabel brought hibiscus tea …and you know the spicy hot pepper drink which Steve and Christine brought. I also brought to share shiso juice, shiso tempura, shiso onigiri… Too much shiso.

Today we also built a tiny roof in the garden. It works to support pumpkins too. We were enjoying it so much. But we had did it in really rough way at that time. So I hope wind hasn’t knocked that down.

Jul. 09, 2022