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Catskill Animal Sanctuary: Muddy and Mysterious

Tucker and Patty licked me with their tongue and pushed me with their horns. The cows were so big, I thought I was going to knock down. I don’t know why but they are really friendly and wanted to play with me. Maybe it’s because I had massaged Jasmine’s muddy belly just before, so my muddy hand smells like a pig.

“Just call her St. Jasmine! Rescued after living as a feral pig, Jasmine spent two years as the ever-patient step mom to eleven piglets. She’s deeply kind and affectionate and has a special friendship with Travis the rooster.”

This is Jasmine’s introduction on the website. Jasmine was really friendly. In the sanctuary, you can dive into more detail, Nadia and the other guides will tell you stories about the animals. Since we can’t talk to the animals, I thought it was matter to us to have Nadia at that time. It means the human visiter as like me are stupid and need to be cared. What about zoos these days? When I was a child, It was something like “you can understand when you look at the animals.” But now, I don’t think so.

After the tour, Mai and I took a walk around. Suddenly, music could be heard from somewhere far away outside the sanctuary. We saw the goats running. The goats entered a mysterious wooden hut. There was a goat on guard at the entrance, observed of us. Hmm… They have something secret. I imagined that they were doing some ritual in the hut. okok. To hold secrets without human is also animal right. Several of them came out of their hut and begged Mai to pet them. Mai petted all of goats over and over we leave that beautiful sanctuary.

While waiting for the train at Poughkeepsie, we had iced tea on the terrace beside the Hudson River.

Jul. 19, 2022