I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

Karim gave me a tour in Jackson Heights.

Stopped by QNR after a heavy rainstorm, I found the tent was broken. I texted it to members. When I got home and was about to cook dinner for Mai, I got a call from Karim, my schoolmate. He said he was in Dunkin’ nearby Roosevelt Avenue station. I headed out quickly to met him, sorry Mai.

We really enjoyed great Bengali area in Jackson Heights. I had a daal puri and with sweet milk coffee, a bag of Swad’s falali chibda sweet and very very very very sweet Laddus. He chose 2 variety of laddu to let me try but both were too sweet so I couldn’t distinguish deference. Karim also said too sweet.

I gave him a zucchini, but it was Karim’s first time to see it. He asked a man who sat next to us how zucchini can be cooked. Karim spoke to him in Bengali naturally. I felt that showed they have how strong community here.

Karim told me small secrets in Jackson Heights, too. I’m very happy to have you, Karim.

Jul. 21, 2022