I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

The baby blue neon brings club vibes even during day.

I got a pan de mantequilla at the Uruguayan bakery which is the nearest bakery by my home to made sandwich for lunch. With arugula, egg and hamburg.

I just realized that this bakery has not raised their prices, it’s unusual. I don’t know why but they display so many caps than pan and sweets. I can say pan is pan in Japanese too, means bread in English. Anyway, street tacos have gone up 50 cents from time to time since I moved to Jackson Heights, now is already $1 or $1.50 more expensive than before. Eggs are also Eggspensive! It was between $2 range but now is easily priced higher than $6.

These sandwiches look cheap but it’s actually luxurious.

Jul. 25, 2022