I'm fine thank you and yuu ?


The opening of Mai and Mika and Stephany’s exhibition. Finally, Mai and I got ferry to Governors Island after she fixed and sent a video file to Mika-chan and Stephany in the island. They were been there and working on installation. How busy coporation. At ferry port, Mai bought an ice cream for 10$! But it’s after the hard work, everything was okok. We also bought bigger chicken and lamb over rice than we could eat.

The silkscreen printed bandanas which Mai designed were so well-loved that they sold out.

Robin and I visited another studio in the island. To see an artist, Xinan Ran. I was really looking for see her work since I saw she described about her work on Franklin Furnace’s streaming program. Fang Yu and Nicole also came. After many things happened, Xinan opened a back door for us to see the works. Xinan uses a long selfie stick to take a picture of the lettering on the ground and themselves. Xinan in the picture is looking up at the sky and feeling dazzled. I love that momentum.

Xinan ironed the print tags on my shirt, it says “FLY YOUR FLAG.”

Aug. 20, 2022