I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

Chance day to see wild quails.

We headed to Sedona in the early morning. I was looking out the car window to find a quail. The desert spreads out and the cactus are alive well. As the elevation was increased, the type of cactus were changed.

The scenery in Sedona was totally amazing. We jumped into a mountain stream, a natural rocket coaster. Mika and Mai enjoyed appraisals their aura at the fishy stone shop.

We’ve been whole day in the great wilderness. But finally I’ve seen no quail in Sedona. I’ll be back New York tomorrow noon. I couldn’t gave up and entered the home. So I continued walking around Mina-san’s home the a bit.

I found a big tamarind tree. That was in the shade of the branches. The small nest of quails. I found a parent quail and babies walking and flying on the ground. My dreams have quietly become a reality. Only the “mup mup” sounds which quail singing in.

I watched the quails from afar until the sun set.

mup mup, mup mup, phoo phoo.

Aug. 25, 2022