I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I went to sheep shearing and protest for abortion rights.

We went to the station which has the cute name Kew Gardens. At there, we took the bus and went even farther. To go Queens County Farm Museum to join sheep shearing day. Near by farm, we stop by a seven eleven for the first time in the US. I got a slider. I never knew this word, “slider.” It means small hamburger, right? It’s weird. Who’s going to slide?

Lots of soap bubbles flying on the farm. Perhaps, they are given to the children by someone on this farm. Sheep shearing was more distant and smaller than I expected. The sheep was a kind of good boy. Super calm. I surprised many call chickens as chickens. Cows are cows and pigs are pigs but chickens are chicken? Chickens are present in the supermarket and on the farm at the same time. The farmer’s composting was also great. When I opened the lid, a lot of flies came out and hit my arm like a machine gun. Not only soap bubbles, but also worms were given out for free on the farm.

I found the cute craft for toddler. It was a sheep what made by wool pom poms and colored papers and wiggle eye stickers. I thought Tokisato is going to love it so I sent the picture to him. Yuu and Tokisato are baby art lover.

Lastly, we saw the colonial cooking demonstration. Old man and lady who are dressed like the Legend of Zelda showed us how to make butters. The word “colonial cooking” sounds heavy to me. I had a feeling today what agricultures seemed to be mostly belong with whites. It has something exclusive vibes. The visitors are almost whites and Asians as if they were in Nora From Queens.

On the return bus, Mai said she has pain in the abdomen and slept a little. To be continued in the next.

May. 14, 2022