I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I went to the garden and I met Omar.

Today I weeded a lot according along the fence around the garden. Omar was watering all over the garden. We had chatting a lot. Omar told me this is his first time to visit this garden. After a while, Christine and Steve visit us and gave something herbal cocktails. I was so happy because very thirsty. At the glance, I thought it looks very sweet. It was actually sweet, but also quite spicy hot. Steve told us he made it from chili pepper. Hoo…! Omar and I opened and closed the hydrant and kept the hose tidy, as Sunny had taught me to do.

I brought back big eggplants and beets. I cooked Yakinasu and beets salad for Mai. Yakinasu is baked eggplant in Japanese way. 100% vegan day.

Jul. 07, 2022