I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

I harvested huacatay for my guests.

In the morning, I went to the garden and clean up the broken tent with Sunny. We thought we could fix it, but the some poles were broken, so we folded it into small. It was quite hard work.

I harvested huacatay. I cut at petiole carefully by hand being. I used a scissors. I learned new words to google how to harvest. Petiole means especially the slender part branched from plant’s main stem to leaf. It is also called leaf stalk. Base means the point which leaf connect on leaf stalk. Node means the point which each branch connect on main stem. These words are not very easy to me, but I would hurt plants unless understand them exactly.

I and Mai had Yitiang and Mayumi as guests for dinner. Ocopa made from Queens New Roots huacatay were perfect. Mayumi was very surprised by jicama in ceviche, too.

Jul. 22, 2022

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