I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

Early morning, thunder rumbling was heard.

Then I thought, ah America also has thunder… okok. After that, I got sleep one more time. Around 8 am, I found that I could take new appointment to apply IDNYC. After 45 minutes! And I took something to wear and headed out immediately. okok. I’ll walk and get train while tell you its detail. IDNYC is very useful ID but to make it, you need to have appointment on internet, and it would says that you can 1 month later so you can get to appoint only at 1 month later at first but you can try to fill and send their admission form again and again everyday so you will get some good news like this “AFTER 30 MIN YOU CAN COME HERE RIGHT NOW.”

So, I arrive Manhattan. In front of the Department of Something. But I couldn’t identify where should I enter from. First off, I pushed some door and entered, there were two women maybe security. I ask them, I have an appoint… Quickly they said “ID?” “Yes” “You can find so bla bla go out and turn right the corner bla bla” And they gave me “good” Yes, you know the sign of “good” which you can make it by your thumb. I was happy and accorded to what she said.

I could enter to the Department of Something, but I didn’t know which room I go. I find a man and I ask him I hav… Quickly he said “ID?” “Yes” He gave me “good” and tilted it a little to show me direction. Whoa… He is good good-handler. And I felt what a lot of thumbs up there is…

I entered the room, I found a counter. and I walked up to the counter… Quickly someone gave me “good” by his thumb without saying any word. Whoa… here is a Department of Good? Or Central Thumbs Up Agency?

After that, I walk to Strand Bookstore. Since moving to New York City, I don’t know why but I’m thinking about koalas more than before. I don’t know why. I got a used picture book, “The Great Eucalyptus Mystery” thats body text was written in speedy handwriting form. It will take 100 years me to read.

May. 02, 2022