I'm fine thank you and yuu ?

Anna knows Kappa!

I was back in NYC, going to FiDi get paperwork, looking into about visa and so on. Busy and bored a bit.

I first met Anna at QNR today. And we replant shiso to new place. Christine came and told us about her concerns. I feel I want to work together to solve our problems. when I and Anna harvested some cucumbers, Anna talked to me about Kappa …Wha! I was so surprised! Whoaaa! Kappa is the aquatic monster which is believed by Japanese. Yes, Kappa loves cucumber. Anna told me that shishito peppers with rounded ends are not spicy. I trust her. She is really knowing man, about Kappa, too.

I and Anna chatted a lot while walked to Jackson Heights. The story of another radical gardeners group that Anna is a part of also sounded very interesting. I thought Mai might love it.

Jul. 20, 2022